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THE HAARP OF CLIMATE, by Tassos Kafantaris - Vima Science, 25th July 2004.

Monday's Athens blackout brought to mind its counterpart in the North-Eastern
United States in 2003. At that time environmental organizations charged that
the blackout had been caused by a peculiar system of aerials called HAARP.
No official culprit was ever found, but the suspicions which accumulated and
continue to accumulate exceed the wildest imaginations of science fiction.
Apart, perhaps, from the imagination of its founder, the Prometheus of
electricity, Nikola Tesla.

Around a year ago, at 4.14 on 14th August 2003 (and precisely after the
closing of the Stock Exchange in Wall Street), the electricity network that
supplies the North-Eastern United States and Canada shut down, returning 55
million people to the pre-electricity era. Investigating what had gone
wrong, technicians found the cause at a crucial point where the current is
transferred from the Mid-Western states to the East. Suspicions arose in
relation to the network operators, comments were heard about out-of-date
equipment, but the committee of experts that was constituted to identify who
and/or what was responsible could not find any specific faults or
operational errors. Nor had it been a natural phenomenon - like lightning or
solar flares. There had been nothing that could have caused a general
blackout. The only strange coincidence was that the same day and time, at
4.00 p.m., one of the most controversial experiments at intervention in the
climate, HAARP, had beamed its signals at the ionosphere of our planet.
According to its title, (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program),
this experiment 'investigates the possibilities of an artificial
high-frequency aurora so that we can come to understand, replicate and
control the ionospheric processes that influence the efficiency of
communications and monitoring systems. More tangibly, what is involved is
180 antennas that have been constructed in a region of Alaska by the US Air
Force and Navy in collaboration with the University of Alaska and another
fourteen higher education institutions. The complex came into operation in
1993, with a projected research life-span of twenty years. The peculiarity
of these antennas is: they are not passive recipients of signals, like all
the antennas and radars that we are familiar with, but transmit radio waves
to the outer layers of the earth's atmosphere, the ionosphere. The
ionosphere is the layer at an altitude of seventy to two thousand kilometres
that protects us from the sun's radiation, but which also makes possible
radio-communication over all the length and breadth of the planet,
reflecting radio waves. When HAARP's forest of antennas is put in operation
, it emits a 3.6 megawatt pulse towards the ionosphere, through the spectrum
of frequencies between 2.8 and 10 MHz. The consequences of of the pulse are
then monitored by radar so that the similar, but much larger-scale, effects
of solar storms on the earth, and the disturbance they bring to radio
communications, may be understood. The installation in question is one of
three, in total, owned by the United States. There is another near Fairbanks
in Alaska and another near the Aresibo telescope in Puerto Rico. The
European Union also maintains a similar research centre at Tromiso in
Norway. If therefore we confine ourselves to this official data, the
activities of HAARP amount to a legitimate research effort. That it has
contributed with its electromagnic wave to overloading of the electricity
network and has led to blackouts is something probable, but as yet unproven.
For many researchers in environmental organizations, however, the activities
of HAARP are just the tip of a vast iceberg.


The ideas on which HAARP is based are those developed in 1907 by the
prodigious Serb physicist Nikola Tesla, the man to whom we owe the
alternating-current electricity networks. A peerless visionary, deeply
humanistic, Tesla had become preoccupied with the idea of deriving energy
from the ionosphere with its wireless telecommunications potential. He saw
the combination of ionosphere and planet as huge battery that could produce
free energy for all the human race. To demonstrate the viability of his
theories he constructed a transmission mast, quite similar to those now to
be seen in HAARP. The experiment was partially successful, but the mast was
destroyed. Irritated by his insistence on possibility of free distribution
of energy, his financial sponsors allowed him to founder in debt. A little
before the outbreak of war, Tesla presented a proposal at the Defense
Department for a complex of antennas that could locate and shoot down
anything that came into US airspace. His ideas were ridiculed as fantasies
and Tesla died unhappy, impecunious and neglected. However, his notes were
confiscated by the FBI in the interests of 'national security'.

Forty years later another researcher, the physicist Bernard Eastlund, made
use of the same ideas when he was invited to Alaska as a scientific
consultant to find a way of utilizing the huge deposits of natural gas that
had been discovered in the north of the state. The region where the deposits
were located was so remote that the cost of transporting energy for the
drilling and the construction of a pipeline network was prohibitive.
Eastlund took the ideas of Tesla as his starting point, and on that basis
elaborated a proposal for an ionospheric conductor of energy. The company
exploiting the deposits, ARCO, were not enthusiastic about his proposal, but
the related inventions that Eastlund hastened to patent in 1985 attracted
interest in military circles. They perceived that with a system like this
they could interfere with telecommunications anywhere in the world
and....quite a lot else. They therefore commissioned the affiliate of ARCO
that had the rights to Eastlund's first construct HAARP. In
1994 a company with connections to the Army, E-systems, bought out the ARCO
affilifate and immediately afterwards announced the extension of HAARP
research to the sector of subterranean tomography. Militarily that
translates into the radiation in question being utilisable in detection of
subterranean galleries, tunnels and shelters.

All these developments produced a reaction in Eastlund. He revealed that the
military had transformed the initial research mission of HAARP into a
project for a super-weapon. Distinguished physicists took up ths issue in
periodicals such as Physics and Society, in which they confessed to feeling
anxiety at the possible repercussions. Various researchers who by their own
admission had worked on HAARP started to leak - always anonymously - what
the new goals of the programme were. From what has been published between
then and now, it is surmised that HAARP now possesses the following fearful
'operational capacities:':

* It can focus on a specific region of the planet and destroy
telecommunications there.

* It can overload electricity networks and cause blackouts.

* It can locate nuclear missiles and destroy them through overheating their
electrical circuitry.

* It can X-ray the earth's interior, registering all natural or artificipal
tunnels or cavities.

* It can intervene in the processes generating extreme climatic phenomena,
both impeding and causing such phenomena. For example, it can either
disperse a typhoon or cause one.

* It can generate microclimate such as rain, fog, etc.

* It can generate artificial ozone, in regions, for example where the ozone
hole is dangerously enlarged. And it can destroy ozone.

* It can influence the mood of populations through transmission of
electro-magnetic radiation at specific frequencies, generating extreme
behaviour and catatonic conditions.

It is certain that such a multi-faceted spectrum of potentials is the best
possible gift for the adherents of conspiracy scenarios. Especially when
each potential goes with its own corresponding patent lodged by Eastlund,
along with as many successors that have been characterized top-security, so
that the Pentagon does not permit their publication. The material for a
mystery story is certainly there. How can one separate the wheat from the
chaff? The most recent, and shattering scenario is one that was started in
circulation from an e-mail by an anonymous meteorologist, who stated that he
works on HAARP. According to this so far uncorroborated source, HAARP is the
last safety shield protecting the planet Earth.

Again according to the source, the World Health Organization revealed
secretly to governments of the most technologically advanced countries the
findings of its studies, according to which climatic developments, in
conjunction with reduction of ozone in the atmosphere, will eliminate life
from the face of the earth within the next 75 years! The governments agreed
to a secret plan for intervening in the climate known as 'Shield' (The
Shield Project), so that on a case-by-case basis the most sensitive regions
can be inoculated with artificially created ozone. The objective is
gradually, by the year 2050, to reverse the Earth's downward trajectory. For
this to be accomplished, he says, the atmosphere of the earth is being
sprayed by aircraft from the collaborating countries (and these include the
USA, Canada, the European Union and Russia) with particles of barium,
aluminium and titanium. This creates the required second pole, the first
being that of the ionosphere. HAARP discharges into the ionosphere the
necessary energy which, recycled, returns into the atmosphere to the 'pole'
of the sprayed particles. From the electrical stimulation produced there is
artificial production of ozone, blocking the carcinogenic effects of the sun
in the area unprotected by nature...

If this is being done, why the secrecy? On the one hand, says the anonymous
source, because panic from knowledge of what is about to happen would
trigger uncontrollable situations, on the other hand because the particles
are claiming, and will continue to claim over coming decades, millions and
even billions of victims, chiefly from diseases of the respiratory system.

As breathtaking as this scenario may seem, in the absence of charges from an
identifiable source and corroboration of evidence, we are obliged to regard
it as a figment of the imagination. But we cannot ignore an identifiable and
official allegation that was lodged in August 2002. The Russian parliament,
the Duma, presented to President Putin the findings of a study by
commissioners of international relations and defence, signed by 90
parliamentarians, in which the following statement is made: 'The United
States is developing new integrated geophysical weapons which can affect the
atmosphere of the earth. The importance of this qualitative leap is
comparable only with the transition from the age of iron to the age of
gunpowder, or from conventional weapons to nuclear weapons. This new type of
weapon differs from previous types of weapon in that the atmosphere is
instantly transformed into both an object directly influenced by and a
component part of the weapon. " What happened in the wake of this
denunciation and what the reason is for Moscow's current silence, is not
known to us. Was it persuaded of the superior importance of the wider goal
and indeed now participates in the secret spraying of the world that is
slowly dying? Does the silence have some connection with the recent news of
29th March 2004 that Russia has developed a 'revolutionary weapon' that can
neutralize the United States 'anti-missile shield'?

Also unknown is the role of China in this story. Is it true what some are
whispering that the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was bombed because some
antennas equivalent to those of HAARP were hidden there, which would have
helped to shoot down the Stealth bombers of the US? Or, even more
far-fetched the scenario according to which the decision for intervention in
Yugoslavia was taken in the 1980s when emissions of this type were detected
coming from there? According to the whisperers, the secret notes of Tesla
found their way to his native land and....someone read them zealously. Very
many questions, to which we will perhaps start to get some answers in the
immediately coming years. And in the meantime we will continue to look
suspiciously at the once innocent lines behind aircraft in the sky'.

P.S. Eastlund has worked since 1998 for the European Space Agency, on a
satellite project. Named Thunderstorm Solar Power Satellite, this satellite
will transform solar radiation into microwaves to disperse typhoons and
break up storms. A HAARP in outer space.