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The Ethnos Articles.

This is the report from 'Ethnos'. It is one of only two press reports on the 11th February 2004 seminar. The other was published in the newspaper 'Avghi' (which supports the Synaspismos party) on Sunday 15th February. It was based on the paper delivered by Panos Trigazis of the Synaspismos, concerned exclusively with the prospects for the Treaty of Kyoto.


ETHNOS, 12th February, 2004.

The question of the 'chemtrails' that are left behind by some jet planes and with which, as has been mentioned, biological experiments are being carried out on entire populations so as to study their reaction to various pathogenic micro-organisms and viruses, as well as experiments for the possibility of mass vaccination of the population in case of bio-terrorist attack, was analysed yesterday in a discussion on the subject of climatic
change and techniques of environmental manipulation by the vice-president of the Union of Greek Chemists and director of research at 'Democritus' Nikos Katsaros.

The discussion was organized by the Greek section of the citizens' movement ATTAC at the amphitheatre of the Greek Trade Union Federation.

According to Dr. Katsaros there are hundreds of testimonies from people who refer to 'chemtrails', distinguishing them from the white trails left behind by passenger jet aircraft.

As Dr. Katsaros indicated in his paper, the white trails of jet aircraft that fly at around 10,000 metres come from the gases emitted by their engines, which instantaneously freeze and then evaporate, creating the characteristic trails. These trails are rapidly dispersed and disappear.

Eyewitness reports

Chemtrails, however, are emitted primarily by the exhausts of military planes of the KC-10 and KC-135 type and white jet planes without any marks of identification flying at low altitudes and, according to eyewitness testimonies, are different from the common white trails of passenger aircraft. They immediately become denser and thicker and spread out over the sky, forming a white pall which lasts for hours.

Nobody seems to know exactly why these experiments are being carried out, although there are hints that they perhaps serve the purpose of regulating the atmosphere and the weather conditions.

It is characteristic that after continuing testimonies from residents of the town of Espanola in Canada concerning 'chemtrails', analysis of rainwater showed traces of aluminium seven times higher than the maximum permitted levels. According to other theories, they may contain an aerosol including barium or mixtures of barium salts.

Reference was made in yesterday's discussion to the fate of the Treaty of Kyoto and climatic changes. Panos Trigazis, president of International Organizations and Globalization Watch, the general director of Greenpeace Greece, Nikos Charalambides and the electronics specialist and writer Demosthenes Liakopoulos also took part.

Maria Liliopoulou

Comment by Wayne Hall, ATTAC HELLAS :

Here in Greece we had a brief breakthrough last February when the mass-circulation "Ethnos" published a whole-page article on chemtrails over the island of Aigina. This led to the Aigina council passing a resolution on the issue and to a couple of television interviews on chemtrails with a scientist from the Democritos research centre.

But there was no follow-up, as if the initial publication was an accident due to the newspaper not having got the line that they were not supposed to publish. There is no point in hassling journalists once they start sending you certain subliminal signals so I didn't keep pushing the issue with the journalist at "Ethnos" who had taken the initial interview.


The only thing "Ethnos" subsequently published was a very short report on a public meeting in Aigina in July.

From 'Ethnos on Sunday', 20th July 2003.


The peculiar spraying which, as an environmental experiment, appears to have taken place in Aigina several months ago, as was revealed by 'Ethnos on Sunday', was the subject of a public meeting which took place on Wednesday on the island, at the initiative of local residents.

In an 'Ethnos on Sunday' report of 16th February, the environmental chemist Leonidas Kardaras, the Australian ecological activist Wayne Hall and the former parliamentarian of the Ecologists-Alternatives Tasia Andreadaki revealed that since the end of 2002 aerosol spraying for purposes of climate control has been taking place in our country. The probability of aerosol spraying with aluminium oxide mixed with other chemicals dangerous to health, as has already been noted in America and Europe, has aroused uneasiness in the residents of the picturesque island.

'New World Order' Barbarity

'If something like this is happening unknown to us, it is an example of New World Order barbarity', says teacher George Kyriakou, a member of the 'Aigina Citizens' Initiative', who organized the meeting last Wednesday with key speaker the scientist from Democritos Nikos Katsaros.

'The aerosol spraying scenario was inspired by internationally known scientists from as early as the 1970s. Obviously the approach that has prevailed is that of the 'father of the H-bomb' Edward Teller, who proposed spraying the entire planet with chemicals to reflect the dangerous ultra-violet rays of the sun but also allowing the heat to escape,' says Wayne Hall.

Mr. Katsaros, research director at Democritos and vice-president of the Union of Greek Chemists, gave a rundown of all the experiments up to this day which have been dangerous to humanity and have taken place secretly, only to be revealed subsequently.

'At the function a relevant video was screened which records clear evidence of the carrying out of such experiments abroad. The video is a production of William Thomas, who has observed the phenomenon in America,' added Kyriakou and he concluded: 'We act locally but we think globally.'


This is the English translation of an article which appeared today, 16th February 2003 in the mass circulation Greek newspaper Ethnos on Sunday. Under the heading "SCIENTISTS UNEASY" there is the title "Dangerous experiments in the Greek skies," by Giannis Kritikos. A picture taken from the front cover of the 2003 edition of William Thomas's "Chemtrails Confirmed" showing chemtrails in the United States, has a photomontage of an unmarked airliner on it, with the chemtrail apparently coming out of the rear end of the plane.

The inscription under the picture says: "The white trails left behind by this tanker plane (actually I don't think it is a tanker plane W.H.), which is used normally for aerial refuelling, is not smoke but a cloud of chemicals which provide scientists with the ability to control the climate in an entire geographic region."

There is a further subheading: "American aircraft are spraying the atmosphere with chemicals with a view to creating an artificial cloud as an " antidote" to the Greenhouse Effect."

The article:

Unease and upset, both to scientists and to individuals active in the ecological milieu is being caused by experiments with peculiar aerial spraying of the stratosphere, which began initially in America and Europe but there are now indications that they are also happening in our country.

Indeed, two months ago, without there being any warning to local inhabitants, such aerial spraying was observed to occur over Aigina.

The environmental chemist with a master's degree in environmental technology Leonidas Kardaras, the Australian philologist Wayne Hall with many years' service in the ecological milieu and Tasia Andreadaki, former parliamentarian of the Ecologists-Alternatives, reveal to Ethnos on Sunday shock information on this subject unknown until now.

The aerial spraying, with aluminium oxide mixed with other chemicals dangerous to public health, carried out by American tanker planes, aims at creating artificial clouds in the atmosphere which will "filter" ultraviolet radiation and function as an antidote to the greenhouse phenomenon. Human beings will then have the capacity to "control the climate", artificially cooling not closed spaces but an entire geographic region.

Climate control

There are also plans for the method for climate control to be applied to the whole planet, with a approval of a licence to the Hughes Aeronautical company which will carry out spraying with the "Welsbach" technique with a view to reducing global warming.

"The aircraft that participate in these activities, which in America are called "Chemtrails" include the KC-135 and KC-10 military aircraft", Wayne Hall tells Ethnos on Sunday, continuing: "These are aircraft used by the United States air force for transferring fuel. There are also certain unmarked white jet planes taking part.

The nightmarish scenario of aerial spraying for climate control was inspired and elaborated by internationally known scientists, starting with the Russian Boudiko in 1974, followed by Pennet in 1984 and Teller in 1997.

The approach which has obviously prevailed has been that proposed by Edward Teller, "father of the hydogen bomb" and of the "anti-missile shield", in a paper delivered in 1997 entitled "Global Warming and the Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change".

What Teller proposed is a programme of spraying the entire planet with aluminium so as to reflect the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun but at the same time to allow the heat of the earth to escape. Teller's paper emphasises the negative economic consequences of limitations such as those imposed by the Treaty of Kyoto to the production of energy from oil and coal, noting how much cheaper it would be to fill the skies with light-reflecting particles.


When Toni Thayer in America first reported the "strange spraying" in 2001, no government of any country would confirm that these flights were actually occurring. According to the Australian scholar (the Greek word could mean " teacher" or "university professor") in 2002 the countries in which there were reports of these activities were the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and Haiti.

Since late 2002 it has been obvious that flights of this kind, which we ourselves have observed, corresponding to descriptions coming from abroad, are also occurring in Greece.

Two shorter articles follow:

One is entitled "Headaches, dizziness, loss of memory some of the symptoms"

"One does not need to be a medical specialist to imagine the possible consequences for human health of such a programme of spraying", Leonidas Kardaras says to us.

"In an area of 50 square metres around the town of Espanola in Ontario where such spraying took place for months in 1998, the residents suffered by intense headaches, chronic joint pain, dizziness, sudden extreme weariness, intense asthma attacks, symptoms similar to those of influenza but without fever, and short-term memory loss."

Laboratory tests of rainfall in the area found reflective quartz particles and levels of aluminium five times higher than the highest permissible limits allowed by the health regulations of Ontario province.

"Ken Caldeira has warned", concludes Kardaras "that the placing of particles in the atmosphere could have effects the opposite of those expected, leading to a runaway greenhouse phenomenon."

Underneath this there is a photograph, with the inscription: "The two scientists (scholars) point out to our correspondent the dangers to public health entailed in the specific experiments."

There is another photograph of the former parliamentarian Tasia Andreadaki asking "Who gave permission for this spraying?"

"The information given to us by the scientists is frightening and I can't believe that permission has been given in our country to carry out experiments in aerial spraying that is dangerous to public health" the former parliamentarian Tasia Andreadaki says to "Ethnos on Sunday".

"Perhaps it isn't too late to prevent the damage that is going to be done."

"I ask every relevant authority, what purpose is served by these increasingly frequent flights by jet planes over our heads with very dense and long-lasting trails, which are not the normal picture given by temperature differences with ordinary flights."

Is this strange spaying taking place in our country or not? Let us look at the subject now," concludes Ms. Andreadaki, "rather than reacting with mass hysteria in future."